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VIP - First Class Tickets For The Ultimate Pioneers

First Class Tickets help to make sure that you can enjoy  Peace City and the Green Global Continent in the future. This is why we roll out the red carpet for you our paying guests. As a thank you, you will be able to fly to exclusive visually stunning places. You will be also able to use these places for your private events.

Get a VIP TOUR to learn more about First Class Tickets .... 



Would you Like A VIP Tour?
What question should we be asking you that we are not asking?

After a tiny download you will land at the Peace City Airport. 

First Class Helicopters are reserved for you and are ready to take you to exclusive locations at any time.

Visit all the exhibitions and most importantly leave your own message for future generations using our robot historian.

If you decide to visit other areas in Peace City here is what you'll see:

You will be taken to tropical paradise where you will discover how easy it is to navigate around.

You will get a space in our convention hotel where you can keep your notes.

Various spaces are designed to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Next you will be flown by helicopter to the Peace City Mountain Resort where you can unwind.

Next you will be taken to Hawaii where you can enjoy breathtaking beauty.

You can explore an organic farm where you can discover healthy ways to live.

In the Peace City Aquarium you can safely swim with the sharks.

If you want you can learn about practical ways to organize your time, tasks and meetings at the Green Global Office.

Next you will be flown to the Peace City Television Station to see a Green hybrid entertainment station of the future.


A real functional movie theater awaits you.



Visit the Peace City Castle Of Dreams and the Obstacle dungeon.


Visit the Library Of the Founder Of Peace City and get into the world's first 3D Book.


The Towers of Time.

Visit the 7 secrets in the form of an art exhibit.

Get your picture taken back at Peace City Television Studios. 


Get a VIP tour to the offices of the founder and the makers of Peace City.



























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